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Double MM Chiropractic

Dr. Mark A. McCann, D.C., C.A.C.- Certified Animal Chiropractor

Animal spinal manipulation is an alternative form of health care based on the same foundations of human chiropractic, where a healthy spinal column and its corresponding nerves are essential to optimal function of our body. Nerves control a variety of important functions. Nerves control movements by the muscles they supply. Nerves allow feelings of hot, cold, soft, and hard. They also convey messages of pain. This information is then interpreted and processed by our brain.

Dr. Mark McCann delivers a specific "adjustment"to all the joints that are misaligned or "stuck." An adjustment is a very quick, low force, gentle thrust. The joints adjusted are determent by the animal's history, followed by an examination. This includes palpation of the spine, muscles, and extremities, as well as posture and gait analysis.

» Common Treatments - Horses

horses wisconsin animal chiropractic

» Gait Problems - Taking Wrong Lead

» Riding/Racing Injuries

» "Cinchy" - Pinning Back of The Ears

» Heavy On Bit

» Cold Backed

» Saddle Slipping To One Side

On the first visit, I will review the history, including how the horse is used, and under what circumstances the current problem appeared. Most often, I will ask you to lead your horse at a walk or trot, and sometimes on a lunge line.

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» Common Treatments - Dogs

horses wisconsin animal chiropractic

» Lameness

» Dragging Paws

» Refusing To Take Stairs

» Accident Recovery

Spinal manipulation for dogs and cats involves a thorough biomechanical examination and consideration of medical history. When the problem started, what treatments, if any, have been tried and if it was beneficial. This is done at one of the four veterinary offices I go to.

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What Is Animal Spinal Manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is a drug-free approach to health care for your pet. It deals with the nervous system of your pet housed inside the spinal column.


Spinal manipulation can be appropriate for your pet in the treatment of :

» Pain in the neck, back, leg, and tail pain

» Nerve problems, seizures, and Muscle Spasms

» Limping, joint pain and problems, disc problems

» Problems getting up and down

» Injuries from accidents, falls, and slips

» Jaw or TMJ problems, difficulty chewing

» Event or sport injuries

» Gait Problems

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Doctors, individuals, and groups working together within their disciplines to expand and promote the knowledge and acceptance of animal spinal manipulation.

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